Portugal: A Post in Pictures (Mostly)

Here's our awesome apartment in Lagos. We had a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen with a stove, fridge, microwave, and sink. So spoiled.

Here I am on our booze cruise. I'm still amazed I didn't vomit along with almost everyone else on the boat. Those waves were seriously rough.

Before jumping in the Atlantic...

...and after!

That night we all went out to an awesome bar called Joe's Garage. Apparently they set the bar on fire and chase people around with a chainsaw. Thankfully we missed that whole deal.

The next day we took a bus to Lisbon and immediately started exploring the city.

We even got to explore an old castle! This is the birthplace of the now-popular phrase "I hate when castles ruin my boots."

In the background you can see a bridge built to model the Bay Bridge in the San Francisco Bay. It is also painted the same color as the Golden Gate Bridge. Gotta love sister cities!

Ellen, Kathleen and I had such a fun weekend together! It was great getting to know new people from all around the world, but nothing beats hanging out in a foreign country with your bests.

The place to party in Lisbon is an area called Barrio Alto. We went out with some German, Finnish, and American friends and had a blast jumping from one bar to the next.

I'd say this pretty much sums up the night.


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