A Day in the Life of my Stomach

In applying to study in Spain I had two meal options: kitchen privileges and family meal plan. The former is a cheaper plan, but the student has to cook for themselves. The latter is slightly more expensive, but you get to experience what families actually eat. Naturally I chose the family meal plan. I have been extremely lucky with the amazing food my host mom, Sol, cooks every night. I have heard that some other students on the same plan as me are given chicken nuggets, microwave pizza, and bagged salad for dinner almost every night. So, in an effort to rub salt in the wounds of my less-fortunate classmates, I will take you on a trip through my culinary experience in Spain…


Breakfast: cereal, toast, tea, Special K bar

Every morning we have a choice between 3 or 4 different types of cereal. I generally have Frutos Fibres, which has cereal flakes and tonnnns of dried fruit. Apples, papaya, coconut, grapes, and more. We also have toast with peanut butter, Nocilla (basically Nutella), orange marmalade, or strawberry jam. To drink we can choose between milk, chocolate milk, orange juice, water, tea, and coffee. Finalmente we have the option of grabbing one or two breakfast bars (either strawberry or chocolate) or some fruit from the fruit bowl. Needless to say, breakfast is never disappointing. My favorite part of preparing my morning meal is the insane toaster. Rather than a machine with two slots for bread, we have a freestanding tower of open coils covered by wire mesh with two metal bars to strap your bread onto the contraption. Keeps life exciting.


The cafeteria at school serves amazingly good food! Only 3 euro for a completely filled plate. The buffet changes every day, but you can also get salads, pizza, burgers, and some other things on a daily basis. Every meal comes with a bread roll and a discount on ice cream. It doesn’t get much better than that. Are you jealous yet?


 Okay, guys. Real talk. Sol is the most amazing cook. She cooks something different almost every night (she has only repeated dishes like… twice), and it’s always fantastic. In the picture you can see a dinner we had with soup, chopped caprese salad, tortilla Española, meat/cheese/veggie filled pastries, and flan. She said the pastries are her version of pizza. Tortilla Española is like a big omelette, kind of, but with eggs, potatoes, and onions. Words, and this picture, don’t do it justice. Most times we have fruit for dessert, but every once in a while she gives us some flan or some other light, sweet deliciousness.




Multiple people have asked for shoutouts… Okay, you win.

To The Radsliff Family – You’d think that, coming from such a technologically advanced family, I would be in constant contact with you. Nope. Love me.

To The Anderson Cousins – I know the time difference makes it really hard for us to Facebook chat or Skype, but I want to hear from you guys more! Make it happen. Life’s not the same without a crier, a rockstar, a sorority sister, a pop culture buff, a total bro, a New Yorker, a hand-talker, a judger, a marathoner, a Parisian, a soccer stud, and a not-so-baby brother.

To Continuum Crew, and Michelle Villarreal specifically – I worked with the most amazing people this summer. I miss you guys so much! I promised to photoshop you all into some of my pictures, so that is forthcoming. Thanks so much for an amazing internship experience, everyone! Michelle (cookie run buddy and general sass-master) requested a shoutout in particular a few months ago… Hi, Michelle. I forgot my AIM password so if you still want to be friends you’re going to have to Skype me into status. Great, thank you.

To SLUsers and Snick Snack – It’s so weird to see all your pictures from SLU and not be around to experience the beginning of junior year with you! I hope you guys are having an awesome time, and I can’t wait to see you in January. Sneha, you better visit again when I’m there.

To David Michael and his Sandwich – That sandwich your señora made you looked delicious. I am highly jealous. Here’s the shoutout you requested… *cough self-centered cough*